November 13th to 17th


Everyone plays an important part in actively engaging and learning what it means to build welcoming and inclusive environments. Learn more about what anti-racism is and how to ensure racism has no place in sport and recreation.

Anti-Racism Training -

Recreation Nova Scotia

Recreation Nova Scotia has developed a course on anti-racism to increase the awareness of how racism currently exists within the recreation sector by providing invaluable insights and tools to help actively combat racism in all its forms. Explore the roots and manifestations of racism, gain a deeper understanding of colonization and decolonization, and learn practical strategies for fostering inclusivity and equity.

Anti-Racism In Sport For Youth

You probably know the dictionary definition of racism. But do you know what racism looks like, sounds like and feels like? Whether you’ve experienced racism, witnessed it or even participated in it, this conversation is for you. Everyone has a place to help not only change the way we play the game, but make sure we all win.

Anti-Racism in Sport for Parents

From differential treatment to stereotyping, from lack of support to microaggressions, there are multiple ways racism can be experienced in sport and recreation. In this module, we outline the role racism has played in sports throughout history, discuss how to navigate biases that contribute to racism, and outline ways to be an active anti-racism ally.